Yesterday’s Images, Today’s Graphic Design


This project is my Bachelor thesis which I converted it to a book when “Printing & Publishing Organization of Ministry of Culture” of Iran offered me to publish it. The project is collecting and classifying images of prehistoric painted potteries of Iran which was published as a bilingual book (Farsi and English), in Iran. Iranian Design professors and students, professional designers, and artists have appreciated the book because the book is looking at prehistoric images from a design perspective, uniquely. The book is about bringing ancient images to our modern life.


Persian “Terra Cotta” [pots and earthenware], is the oldest “Terra Cotta” in the world (Persia is the ancient name of Iran). The painted images on these pots are simple, abstract, symbolic and stylized, meaningful; they are preparation to create the alphabet. In fact, the ancient artists were able to communicate with the

outer world by using the unique visual language of these images. After studying these ancient images and their focus on forms and shapes, we can find these ancient images are more modern than some modern images.


The book includes two parts. The first part is a collection of the painted images of Earthenware from the prehistoric times of Iran, including 539 images that are categorized by subject. I have collected the images from the historical sites of Iran, museums, and books around the world, and scanned the photos and images, then, reproduce them in a vector format. The second part finds out how Iranian designers has been inspired by these images, and how these historical images are bringing the Persian Identity to their artworks. In this way, designers are moving these images from museums and history books to people’s daily life.​

© 2018 by Bita Masoumi